Not hard to make at all, but it does take a long time to cure – at least 6 months and probably better after 12 months. Think of prosciutto as an investment.  The technique is described on p. 94 of A Charcuterie Diary.

Start with some fresh pork leg.

After curing you will note that it is a darker colour and much firmer.

A ham sock is an easy way to keep critters from the prosciutto.

It is a good idea to cover the exposed meat with lard. This prevents excessive dehydration and discourages critters.

Scrape away the lard when it is time to eat. This is a very good thing to observe.

The moment of truth.

This is Kevin. A problem child but it all ended up happy.  Note that the lard had also been covered in cracked black pepper.  This discourages critters.  The ruby red colour of the meat is the moment of truth.  This is what it is all about.