Murray went into the woods recently and Bambi got a big surprise.

A leg of venison, skin and hoof on was delivered in muslin one evening.  I decided to let Bambi settle in the refrigerator for a week.  Then Bambi was butchered to resemble a leg of pork.  The result was 5.8kg leg of venison.  Bambi was cured like prosciutto, that is to say, rubbed with No. 2 Curing Salt, crushed juniper and pepper.  Bambi was immersed in salt.  The question was, for how long?  Prosciutto is immersed in salt for 1 day/kg.  However, my feeling was that Bambi, being red meat and wild game, would need some more.  In the event, after much consultation and research (which did little to resolve the question) I settled on three weeks.  I changed the salt after one week because it looked a bit grungy.  After three weeks the meat was firm but not too hard.

Bambi is now in the curing chamber with Gillian, Gladys and Marilyn.

I will cover Bambi with a lard and flour mixture once the meat is hard and dry.  Without that step I think it will dry out too much and too fast.  How long will Bambi undergo air drying?  I think until 30% weight loss at least.


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